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Design Portfolio

A featured catalog of works from a multidisciplinary background; discover bold, eye-catching designs.


Find flexibility in independently created design, or created in conjunction with pre-existing work.

Create a unique design stamp
on all your business collateral. Perfect for developing a new business aesthetic, or further existing materials.

Elevate your online presence and create outbound growth with a cohesive look that pushes your current brand voice forward.

Emphasize important findings and data in reports and presentations using a keen design sense. 


Looking for something
more illustrative?

Find feminine and whimsical character-based illustrations for story-telling

If you are interested in my work as a licensee, please get in touch
with me to discuss your project and access my work for licensing

2013 to 2017

Completed BDes in Illustration

OCAD University

Developed traditional and digital techniques with
a focus on communication art and business skills.

Minored in Communication Design; focused on
the emphasis of visual form and typography.


A bit more about my design and illustration background

JULY 2018 TO MARCH 2019

Jr. Graphic Designer
Mr. Printer

Completed multidisciplinary design work while maintaining work-flow amongst creative and production teams.

Maintained client relations with effective communication process and collaborative work.


Graphic Designer


Creates assets for a diverse range of print
and digital materials across company teams
and client-facing projects.

Works closely with marketing team producing
and managing digital materials to
nurture and
push brand's outbound reach.

2017 to PRESENT

Freelance Illustrator

Works with clients to develop illustrative products or personal branding.


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